Is Careem’s New Amazing Ad a Rip-Off?

Careem have posted a new ad on their Facebook page last night promoting a new promo code of theirs, and people were very inspired by it. The video was shot in a very unique and creative way, and the angles were very well thought of. The music used was also very interesting, and it added to the overall feel of the ad.



And just when we were about to think that Egyptian creatives have finally got it right with their creativity and technical work, some social media users have pointed out that the ad could possibly be ripped-off from another video.


BALANCE from Tim Sessler on Vimeo.


After intensive research, we’ve found out that the video was one of Vimeo’s staff picks, meaning that most Vimeo users have seen the original video (above). Social media users have taken to Facebook, saying how Careem weren’t even that subtle about stealing the idea of the video.



WE SAID THIS: We’ve contacted Careem and we’re still waiting for them to get back to us. In the comments section, let us know if you think the video is ripped off from Vimeo or is it merely just inspired by it? 


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