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Zero Sum Game

A dead-end. A mixture of opinions and perspectives, from fear to pure optimism. What is happening in Egypt? Away from criticizing the foreign as well as the local media and away of pointing fingers. An attempt to understand. First of all, we need to categorize three main groups in Egypt at the moment. One is […]

Dear Chancellor: A Letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Upon hearing of “President” Morsi’s visit to Germany, Omar Khaled sent the following letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel through the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The following is a translation of the letter: “Dear Chancellor, In the context of the most difficult phases of the Egyptian democratic process, I Omar Khaled Zaki, write, you a letter, […]


Egypt-shit-theatrical One is stunned with the intensity Egyptian politics is taking. The pace is too fast, that I don’t know if before I finish writing this article, something new will occur unexpectedly in Egypt. We are watching an epic thriller, ladies and gentlemen. Where should I start? With this acceleration of events, one can not […]

Moving Egypt Forward

It is really hard to be writing this article with a mixture of feelings rushing through my mind; feelings of pain and reverse with a glimpse of hope and optimism at the same time. Today, a year ago I celebrated my birthday with fellow citizens being killed in Mohamed Mahmoud street, and this year I […]

Happy “sexual harassment” Eid

I just stepped out of the plane today coming back from Eid vacation in Bahrain, to embrace Cairo, the motherland’s capital, where its women are being harassed in a way that I have never seen before. We just came out of the holy month, Ramadan, where people in Egypt tend to be full of pity […]

The what if syndrome….

It seems to me from the reactions of the people to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s decision to dismiss Marshal Hussein Tantawi and Commander in Chief Sami Anan, that we as Egyptians tend to overanalyze subjectively to what we think is the right. Some say the decisions taken by the president were plotted with the generals […]

A question with no answer: Whose fault is it? Who is responsible?

A question I find after every problem that occurs in Egypt – who is responsible for what happened? Who do we need to put in a position of accountability? Response from government and media is always one and the same – let us form a committee of investigations.  This happened in all the events in […]

The Four Year Struggle

Shocking results. After two days of going to cast a vote deciding the future of the country, Egyptians are in disbelief. Ahmed Shafik, representing the old regime the Egyptian people revolted against, is in the second round! As bizarre as it seems, we cannot deny the fact that Egyptians are still unaware of political dynamics […]