Zayneb Azzam Pays the Hard Price of Being an ‘Influencer’

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As much as you love or (probably) hate influencers? Let’s not lie, their magic of persuading us humble humans to buying stuff we don’t need is extraordinary. All it needs is a picture. It’s like “hey, I’m pretty and I’m at the opening of this new place” and then BAM you just instantly wanna go to that place. In a sea of influencers, a few stand out; top model Zayneb Azzam is one of those Instagram goddesses. But before we delve more into some serious business, let’s talk about how pretty Azzam is? (LOOK AT THE PICTURE ABOVE, OKAY?!?!)


Thank you @inshapeclinic !!!!! So about two weeks ago I did LASER HAIR REMOVAL. I switched over to INSHAPE clinic. I’m quite disappointed in myself because without even trying any type of services, I sat and did a video talking about how they are the best of the best with highly qualified professionals and equipment. As the woman was doing my legs and thighs I told her this is so painful and it’s not like my old clinic! I can’t even describe the pain. She advised me this is a different machine and to tolerate the pain because this is normal. So I did, like an idiot. After about 2 minutes of completing the first thigh, I felt incredible pain! As if my legs would burst into flames, it burned so much. I could tell in her eyes she knew she was wrong and quickly grabbed a pen and paper to write medication. She assured me after 24 hours the swelling would go down and it wouldn’t leave any kind of scar. Meanwhile I had my trip to Morocco in just a week. I told them this before I started so they know I’ll be in the sun. What surprised me even more is that the doctor of this clinic didn’t even call me right away!!! I had to wait hours for an apology. He advised me that it will be gone within 3 days and would not leave a scar! Also telling me he would personally assist me throughout the healing process. However he went on vacation and handed over everything to his assistant. Which was insulting because I’m supposed to be doing business with this guy. But he couldn’t care less!!! After two weeks. Still not a word from this doctor, I called my friend that was the mutual ground for the business and she said he ASSUMED I was better ? Not even a phone call to check up. So I assume you get the message that this won’t fly by me. Advice for anyone seeking laser hair removal please make sure the clinic is what is says it is! My legs haven’t healed and doesn’t look like they will heal for a very long time!

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Okay, let’s move to the serious stuff now. Two days ago Azzam posted a picture on Instagram outing a clinic for how unprofessional and dangerous they are. Before she knew about the burns, she sat down to shoot a promo video of the clinic for her social media platforms. Sadly, Azzam paid the price by having her legs burnt. She explained how very disappointed she was with herself, but we can’t help but feel very sorry.




WE SAID THIS: Don’t be too hard on yourself, Azzam, and thank you for coming out with the truth, no matter how late it was. It always counts.


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