Your Ultimate Guide To Boutique Hotels In The Middle East

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With each year, more and more tourists flock to the Middle East in search of the perfect getaway destination; it is rich in adventure, history, culture, cuisine, landmarks, and people like no other place in the world. So, it came as no surprise when the U.N. World Tourism Organization reported a 13% increase in the number of visitors to North Africa a 5% for that of the Middle East.

But to be worry-free on an overseas vacation, one must stay at a comfortable, cozy location in order to feel like home. Luckily, the MENA region offers a myriad of hotels to choose from, but some do stand out more than others. If you are looking for some time-off in the Arab World, here is a guide to the luxury hotels of the region to have the most of your experience.

Al-Manzil, Dubai

In the heart of Downtown Dubai’s Old Town District, 10-minutes away from Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall lies Al-Manzil Hotel. The building’s architecture merges between arabesque and modern elements in a subtle, heartwarming way.

There, guests can enjoy Boulevard Kitchen’s Mediterranean cuisine for lunch and have dinner at Nezesaussi Grill, the ultimate healthy food destination. It is one of the most beloved hotels in Dubai because of the comfortable, intimate vibe it instills into the hearts its guests.

Albergo Hotel Beirut

One of top-rated hospitality destinations of Beirut, Albergo Hotel is located 5-minutes away from the well-known Mono Street in Achrafieh District. The aesthetics of this fine establishment brings relief to its travel-weary guests and slips them into a world of luxury and comfort.

All the suites are provided with the signature crystal chandeliers and oriental rugs, transforming the interior design into an exotic painting from a past time. In addition, Al Dente Restaurant lets its visitors feast off a la carte meals, with ambient vibes, and rooftop views to top it all off.

Lazib Inn, Fayoum

Lazib Inn Resort & Spa can be found in the magical Tunis Village in Fayoum, Egypt; its view overlooks Qaroun lake, one of Egypt’s oldest, most iconic lakes. In the midst of wilderness stands the luxurious countryside retreat with its nostalgic vibe and personalized service. Residents of the Lazib Inn get to experience nature firsthand, becoming one with it.

The resort has eight Oasis suites, each with a unique design combining a long-forgotten charm with a meticulous attention to details.

La Maison Bleue, El Gouna

Imagine, after a dreamless, comforting sleep, you wake up to a scene of the ever-so-calm Red Sea and its sturdy mountains; what a view would that be! Fortunately, La Maison Bleue offers just that with an addition of world-class service in a spacious, private suite.

With its luxurious internal design, exquisite furniture, classy, delish food, guests return to this out-worldly hotel over and over again.

Souq Waqif Boutique Hotel, Doha


Amidst the alleyways of one of the oldest, and most historic regions in all of Doha stands Souq Waqif Boutique Hotel, a collection of nine distinctive buildings that bring the best of Qatar right at your doorstep. Once inside, a wide array of culinary as well as luxury offerings are available to every guest, representing true Arab generosity and hospitality.

Islamic architecture is the main inspiration behind the establishment, with many dome-shaped carvings, mashrabiyas, and intertwining woodwork, giving the hotel a nostalgic atmosphere that provides ancient sceneries merged with modern comfort methods.

Le Riad Hotel De Charme, Cairo

In the heart of the Old Cairo District, just off the historic Al-Muiz Li Din Allah Street lies Le Riad Hotel De Charme with its spacious oriental suites overlooking Al-Darb Al-Asfar and panoramic rooftop’s view of Al-Fustat. It is not a regular hotel, it offers guests a window into the forgotten world of historic Egypt.

Each suite within the hotel is inspired by a theme from the books of Egyptian history; from Al-Fayoum portraits to patterns from Islamic architecture, it is all there, making it a truly unique vacation destination.

The Residence Tunis, Gammarth

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With the azure of the Mediterranean sea reflecting on its silk-white buildings, The Residence Tunis in the ancient city of Gammarth is a portrait of Arab as well as Andalusian architecture ingenuity. It is a place of comfort and luxury that stands on the ruins of Carthage, a city-state of a tremendous civilization that goes back millinnials. The property owners worked closely with architects and artisans to bring such a masterpiece to life.

The place is not just aesthetically awe-inspiring, it is highly recommended for its world-class service, luxury, and comfortable atmosphere as well.

Riad le Clos des Arts, Marrakech

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The legend goes that the hotel used to be the palace of a Moroccan art dealer, and that every room within the hotel is decorated after a style of traditional Moroccan art. The heart of the house is its peaceful inner courtyard with a lush fountain. On the first floor, guests can access their rooms or perhaps try the columned gallery; there is also the wholesome terrace with its small plunge pool.

Spice Boutique Hotel, Kuwait

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Located on the Gulf Road, the Spice Boutique Hotel is an all-suite hotel that merges between modern design and Arabian oriental architecture; all suites have a large seating area, kitchenettes, as well as separate work area, making it convenient for those looking for a luxurious retreat in a nostalgic atmosphere.

The establishment is at the center of the Kuwaiti hubbub, with popular attractions such as the Marina Mall, Olympia Mall, the Aquarium Scientific Center at a walking distance.

Bossa Nova, Beirut

One of the top-class establishments of modern-day Beirut, Bossa Nova is top-rated destination, with guests flocking from all corners of the world. It is a modern hotel with a style similar to that of the high-end hospitality businesses in Latin America.

With wholesome meals, classy service, comfy beds, and good vibes, you will fit in there just fine. The rooms are spacious with high roofs instilling a general feel of relief and comfort, and with the airport 11 kilometers away, what more would you want?

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