Here’s Why I Don’t Want to Give Birth

(Alagich Katya/flickr)
(Alagich Katya/flickr)
(Alagich Katya/flickr)


Our society has many taboos, and while having children isn’t one of them, how you have them could be one. People are obsessed with the sex of the baby, how many children, and how quickly the couple was able to get pregnant, as if it measures a level of human morale and success. Adopting, on the other hand, is not seen as a scale in that measure of success. It’s seen as a form of failure. But however it is viewed by our society, I fully intend to adopt a child when I am ready for motherhood.


Adopting is not an easy process, it requires an abundance of interviews, paperwork, and patience for a slight chance that one day you might bring home a bundle of joy. People ask why adopt when you can have your kid, but the same question can be asked vice versa. There are so many kids in this world that have been abandoned by parents, abandoned due to war and tragedy – especially in the Middle East.


I’ll be attacked with arguments that I’m barren as if it’s a life choice I made, or that I’m crazy, and adopting will only result in regret of not having my own flesh and blood. But it’s a decision I don’t plan on backing down from. Why would one not want to give someone a home, give them love, care, and support. Why bring another life into this world when there are so many beautiful young souls in desperate need of a sense of family?


My definition of motherhood not only involves raising a child, but raising a child that needs to be saved from the system of shelters and orphanages; to raise a child whose parents were unable for whatever reason to raise them. To raise a child in a home where they can grow to their full potential, and for me to be the best mother I can to my full potential, whether that child is genetically mine or not.



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