Viral Post Reveals Black Friday Was a Big Lie in Egypt

Last Friday saw Egypt’s biggest Black Friday to date. If you don’t know what that is, let us tell you. It’s the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States where most major retailers open very early and crazy promotional sales. Black Friday was introduced to Om El Donya two years ago, and we kind of wish it didn’t.



Egypt’s shopping malls, from Citystars to Mall of Arabia, saw a stampede of people taking over the malls, in a not very nice way. People were literally pushing each other to get into shops like Bershka and Pull & Bear, hoping to get that 50% off of that floral shirt they couldn’t afford last week. Well, newsflash: you still couldn’t afford it last Friday.


Facebook user Aminaa Muhammd posted a picture online of a pair of shoes from JACK & JONES and it’s not looking good. Her post claims that no discounts were applied to those shoes as the price tag shows a very old tag that says EGP 675, and another one that clearly seems very new that says EGP 1199 and 50% discount on it. The store allegedly printed out new price tags that showed a fake price and discount so people would buy their products thinking they were saving money, when in fact, they were saving none.


Via Aminna Muhammd
Via Aminna Muhammd


We’ve contacted Facebook user Mostafa Ashour, one of the Black Friday shoppers who claims have fallen for JACK & JONES’ promotional sales. “After buying these shoes for EGP 675, I went home and bumped into Aminaa Muhammd’s post on Facebook. When I was at the shop, I didn’t really notice the new price tag or anything, but she’s right. I was ripped-off,” Ashour tells Scoop Empire. We tried to contact Jack & Jones several times with no luck.



WE SAID THIS: Of all the things we imported from Americans, we only chose Black Friday!