VIDEO: Ahmed Helmy’s Campaign with UNICEF Explains Why Early Moments Matter

Via UNICEF Egypt's Facebook page

Ahmed Helmy, AKA Egypt’s number one actor, is also UNICEF Egypt’s Ambassador. Cooperating together, Helmy, UNICEF Egypt, and the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, created a hilarious yet extremely vital awareness campaign.



The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness on the importance of one of the globally recommended key practices for early childhood development. The key practice urges us to call things with their actual names in front of our children! 


Via UNICEF Egypt’s Facebook page


It’s very popular in the Middle East to do the exact opposite; by calling food (mumm), water (emboo), injury (wawa). Studies show that this practice isn’t good for our children. The campaign also argues that children, even in their early days, are immensely influenced by what we do or say in front of them; thus, calling things by their real names will help them reach their full potential.


The campaign helps sending the message in the most funny and creative way, and we hope it will influence young parents into adopting this practice.


Via UNICEF Egypt’s Facebook page


On a side note, Ahmed Helmy and (wifey) Mona Zaki, UNICEF Egypt’s Ambassadors, are on their way to join the launch of UNICEF’s global ECD report: Early Moments Matter for Every Child, in New York.


Via UNICEF Egypt’s Facebook page



WE SAID THIS: Always making your fans proud, Helmy! 

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