Untold Stories: The 65-Year-Old Fountain, A Gem In The Middle Of The Nile

In 1956, under the rule of Egypt’s president back then Gamal Abdel Nasser, Egypt established the region’s first fountain of its kind. A German company called Julius Berger, installed the Nile Fountain under the supervision of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs. After several failures and attempts to fix it during the 70’s and 80’s, the government settled on only operating it on official occasions, until it was neglected and eventually fell into disuse.

After over 40 decades of sleep, The Arab Contractors Company partnered with Cairo governorate and three ministries to renovate the fountain and add newer technologies to it. Today, it is back to beautifying the Nile and adorning Cairo nights with its colors. The day it came back to life, it was trending all over social media with people inside and outside the country celebrating its beauty. It has multiple aesthetic shapes, and 32 small fountains. The fountain was featured in many Egyptian films, as well as in music videos of one of the Egyptian legends, Amr Diab.

Scroll down to see exciting pictures of the Nile Fountain under construction.

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