Tunisia Issues New Banknotes That Feature its First Female Doctor, Tewhida ben Sheikh

For the first time in the modern history of the Arab World, an Arab nation has just issued a banknote featuring a woman. The first-ever female physician in North Africa, Dr. Tewhida ben Sheikh got her image printed on the new 10 Tunisian dinar banknote.

Born in 1909, Ben Sheikh was renowned for her work in women’s health and gynecology. She was also associated with a number of non-profit organizations working to provide healthcare for those who cannot afford it. For her efforts with the less-privileged, she was dubbed ‘the Doctor of the Poor’ by her countrypeople.

In the capital city of Tunis, the nation’s leading female doctor spent her days tending to young and old Tunisians at Bab Al Gadeed and Bab Menara.

Starting on the 27th of March, the banknote will circulate along with the country’s other currency.

According to Al-Arabiya, in a statement, the central bank revealed that the new note has several security features, including:

• A watermark through the image of Ben Sheikh and the number 10 that can be seen when looking at the note through light.
• A windowed security thread that appears continuous when looked at over a light, but discontinuous otherwise.
• A circle on the upper left corner containing the number 10 that changes color depending on the angle of view.
• Micro-text printing of “DIX DINARS” below the portrait of Ben Sheikh and in other places.

WE SAID THIS: Congratulations Tunisia for having the first banknote to feature a woman! Hopefully, other Arab countries will follow suit.