Tuesday Tips: How to Deal With Your Anxiety With Psychologist Lydia Gadalla

You know when you get this inner monologue that keeps on nagging with thoughts like “better be cautious instead of being happy?” A constant something that holds you back from actually being happy. The inner voice that keeps on fearing, fighting, screaming, and struggling how to simply breathe. Your mind and heart start beating and racing so fast, your arms start feeling heavy to the point where you feel paralyzed, and your stomach starts to ache. The whole body starts reacting negatively because of a certain fear or even just a certain thought. Just ask yourself, do you feel defeated, panic, or weak? To prevent all of this from happening, we tend to just submit to all these thoughts. It can force us to isolate and avoid people, communication and situations to the point of loneliness. This is ‘anxiety,’ an overwhelming feeling that can be too much to handle, but you know what? The number one tip you need is to first ‘accept it in order to solve it!’

The way we handle or cope with things shape and have a huge impact on us. In spite of whatever kind of anxiety you’re suffering from, there are some helpful tips that one can do to lower it day by day. Here are some tips you need to consider that are simple, free and flexible. We can get this right with these easy simple tips by the amazing Psychologist Lydia Gadalla!

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Lydia Gadalla’s tips on anxiety

  • Breathing techniques. Breath in for three counts, and exhale in six; for starters, this technique is said to be helpful in calming you down.
  • Talk it out. When the thought keeps on spinning around, it becomes overwhelmingly fearful. Such thoughts create panic, and the right solution is to actually talk it out loudly and ask yourself: ‘Is this the end?’ ‘Is it a dead end?’ ‘Are you going to stop living your life?’ NO! Just accept the situation, and learn from it, knowing that life goes on.
  • Ground technique. Always focus on bringing yourself to the ‘here’ and ‘now.’ Anxiety is all about the fear of the future, whether it be in the short term in just give minutes or for a longer duration, such as after tomorrow. Just focus on where you are now, what you’re doing, and what you’re listening to. Let all your senses focus on the NOW.
  • Jumping jacks. Surprising, right? Think of it, anxiety might bring heart palpitations or make you feel short-breathed, but maybe you’re just sending the wrong message to your mind. Just stand up, and once you start doing some jumping jacks, be certain that you’re totally fine!

Anxiety is daunting and stressful. Remember though not to mix anxiety with your own personality! Take charge of it, lower it, and have a greater control over your life. Create your own wings with your own anxiety coping mechanisms. Experience new things with an open mind, and have the audacity to pursue what you truly desire. Passion replaces anxiety, so embrace your presence and stay calm and peaceful! It’s your life so create your own wings!

We’ll leave you again with one of Lydia Gadalla’s quotes: “The more you respect your anxiety, the more it disrespects you.”

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