Tresemmé Fashion Competition​ Left Us All in Awe

Hair is an important part of every girl’s appearance, so it’s very important to have good looking hair, as it sets the tone of the entire look. Therefore, it’s crucial to buy professional quality products to keep our hair healthy, shiny and ready for every occasion. TRESemmé, one of the leading hair care and styling products has been taking care of our hair, and keeping all style seekers out there ahead of the curve in every way possible. Our favorite beauty brand has been immensely involved in the fashion industry starting with New York Fashion Week all the way to supporting the young Egyptian designers.

In 2018, TRESemmé launched a fashion competition during the Gouna Film Festival, it’s when they endorsed the young fashion designers in Egypt by shedding light on them, giving them a lifetime opportunity to be seen by the whole world through TRESemmé’s lens, as well as Jamila Awad’s. Last year, the starlet actress and TRESemmé’s brand ambassador, Jamila along with the amazing designer Norine Farah, decided to take the risk with TRESemmé, and give Mariem Adel, the winning designer, the honor to dress Jamila for the Red Carpet’s closing ceremony. Also, thanks to TRESemmé’s fashion competition, the three established ladies have successfully made it to New York Fashion Week that year, making us all feel so proud.

This year, 2019, Scoop’s team attended the Gouna Film Festival to check out TRESemmé’s fashion competition and met with the stunning actress Jamila and the talented designer Norine at TRESemmé’s glamorous glassy boutique and gallery. “As an actress, I have a major role to motivate and inspire the upcoming local designers. TRESemmé paves the way to helping future designers put a step forward in the fashion scene and show their designs in the most fashion-forward event in Egypt; El Gouna Film Festival. With TRESemmé’s aim and mine, we managed to make those five designers’ dream designs come to life” Awad said.

One of the winning dresses was actually chosen by the astonishing Egyptian actress Hala Shiha and she decided to wear it to this years’ red carpet during El Gouna Film Festival. Hala looked effortlessly stunning in this dress!

And just like last year, both Jamila and Norine chose the winning dresses, which by the way, these dresses are going to be featured in Vogue Arabia this year! The five winning dresses were displayed in the boutique’s vitrine and as a recognition for the winning designers, we noticed the lovely short biographies of each designer hanging next to every dress. This way, each and every celebrity attending the festival will be able to check out the glamorous dresses, and a good opportunity for the designed dresses to be sold to any of the celebrities there.

WE SAID THIS: TRESemme is taking the lead again in this year’s GFF.