These Five Chocolate Spots In Egypt Possess The Recipe for Ultimate Happiness

Via Chocolate Alchemy

When it comes to love for chocolate, we’re all guilty of it. Be it dark, milk, or white, chocolate is always the answer and the cure for everything. It has the power to heal a broken heart and draw a smile on anyone’s face. That’s why we came up with this list of heavenly places around Egypt that offer delightful chocolate-based menus. When it comes to choco-love, these are the best at giving it.

House of Cocoa, Cairo

Excellence is guaranteed with House of Cocoa’s selection of premium chocolate products that range from chocolate bars and gift sets to chocolate cakes and desserts.

Via House of Cocoa

Coppermelt, Cairo

Allow yourself to indulge in Coppermelt’s chocolates, especially their truffles that will surely melt your heart.

Via Coppermelt

Ganache, Cairo

This one’s the true definition of a chocolatier Français. Ganache doesn’t just offer quality chocolate, but also spreads its choco-art by offering chocolate making workshops for all ages.

Via Ganache

Nutopia, Alexandria

This Nutella wonderland is the best when it comes to chocolizing things. Whether you’re ordering basics such as Nutella waffles or molten cake, or leveling up the game with their magic jars, it’s a sure thing you won’t regret it.

Via Nutopia

The Chocolate Factory, Alexandria

Their delicious Belgian chocolate and their creative chocolate creations are literally out of this world. And the best thing about it? They cater!

Via The Chocolate Factory

WE SAID THIS: You guys cast a chocolate spell on us and we can’t seem to get over it.