The Trendiest Engagement Rings you and Your Fiancé Will Fall Head Over Heels for

Engagement is a milestone in a couple’s life. This step brings them forward to marriage soon, which seals their promise of lifetime love. The perfect symbolism of engagement is a ring. Every woman dreams of having a beautiful engagement ring from her man, symbolizing romantic love, friendship, loyalty, and a promise of marriage. 

So, what are the trendy engagement rings nowadays?  Check them out below. 

Cushion-Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion cut engagement rings are trendy because of their unique, timeless, and beautiful look. This cut has a square diamond shape, with softly rounded corners that give a cushion or pillow appearance. Because the edges are round, they provide a romantic and soft feel. Cushion-cut rings may have varying proportions. Some appear longer and narrower, while others look closer to square. 

Cushion-cut diamonds are timeless, maximizing brilliance and enduring sophistication. This type of engagement ring is a popular antique-style setting with a cushion-cut diamond in the center, making it an elegant choice.

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval-cut diamonds make engagement rings look bigger, which are between the marquise and round shapes. This shape of diamond has an elongated round (oval) symmetrical shape. So, why should you choose an oval-cut diamond engagement ring?

Here are the good reasons to choose an oval diamond engagement ring for your fiancé:

  • Oval-cut diamond optimizes the carat weight, making it appear bigger than a round diamond engagement ring. 
  • Oval engagement rings are an economical choice. 
  • The elongated diamond shape of an oval engagement ring flatters the wearer, which makes the finger look slimmer and longer.
  • An oval-cut diamond engagement ring usually exhibits a desirable bow-tie effect that occurs when light (either from the sun or lighting fixture) doesn’t bounce back into the center of the diamond. This effect gives an impressive view of the gemstone.

Unique Engagement Rings

If you want to have a unique engagement ring, then you can have it customized by a professional jeweler. Unique engagement rings are perfect for those who have plenty of time to design and prepare with the help of a design concierge service provider, which can craft you a unique engagement ring for your love.

Make your engagement ring unique through the following tips:

  • Choose a fancy colored diamond

Imperfection makes you unique, and so as diamonds. One of the hottest engagement ring trends is adding fancy colored diamonds. These diamonds are usually formed because of anomalies in the formation of diamonds. For instance, yellow diamonds result from excess nitrogen concentration in the gemstone’s atomic structure. On the other hand, pink diamonds are rare, which often result because of a structural defect.

  • Choose a unique ring setting

You can select a unique ring setting to set your engagement ring different from the rest. Some of the classic examples of unique ring settings include small diamonds on the band, a beaded band, and designs with plain metal bands. Another example is a twisted band of engagement ring, wrapping the diamond around the center. You can make a setting genuinely stand out and unique by choosing something that’s far from the popular choices.

  • Custom design the engagement ring

When designing custom engagement rings, the jeweler will ask you about your ring style and diamond preferences, as well as your budget. This way, you both can design the perfect custom engagement ring for your fiancé. Of course, you can also customize your rings on your fairy tale wedding.

  • Choose another center stone

Diamond is always the star of engagement rings. But, you can make it different this time to make it unique. For instance, you can choose a gemstone, like ruby, sapphire, or jade, as the center stone with small diamonds around it.

Classic and modern combination of engagement rings

A marriage proposal is an unforgettable experience for both a man and a woman. Classic designs of engagement rings are given a unique modern twist. For instance, you can choose a more traditional engagement ring with exquisite detail and a pretty silhouette. Another example is a classic C diamond, like an oval, round, or cushion engagement ring in a delicate platinum setting, that makes the diamond in the center of the ring to pop up.

Most engagement rings are made of diamond and gold. However, there’s no definite rule as to what type of engagement ring is perfect for your fiancé, as long as it’s given wholeheartedly. You can choose the perfect engagement ring according to the personality of your special someone. Of course, selecting one of the recommended trendy engagement rings above is a good idea, which you and your fiancé will surely love.

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