The Secret Life Of: Find Out How These Egyptian Street Animals Were Finally Given a Voice

Let’s get this straight, we don’t like animals – we LOVE them! They bring so much happiness to so many people every single day. They make us more compassionate, positive and loving individuals as a whole; you’ll never feel alone in this world if you have a pet by your side who loves you unconditionally!

In Egypt, people can be really cruel, and unfortunately, there’s a running nationwide campaign aiming to kill harmless and helpless stray animals in an attempt to decrease their population. Thousands have already died by being shot, poisoned, or left to suffer in shelters with a lifelong disease or physical defect, often dying alone.

Egypt’s streets are filled with animals that need your love; adopt, don’t shop! As a way to raise awareness regarding this issue, this heartwarming page on Facebook tells the stories and tales of Egypt’s stray/adopted animals, stories that everyone should hear. Scroll down to get to know some of Egypt’s inspiring street animals.

"أنا الحمد لله من الكلاب القليلة اللي تقدر تقول عندها ثقة بالنفس، بس انا مكنتش كده في الاول، انا اشتغلت على نفسي كتير…

Posted by The Secret Life of Egyptian Street Animals on Saturday, November 23, 2019

This is Biscuit, he was rescued by Sally Yassin and Nour El Desouky. This adorable dog used to actually be a stray. One day, unfortunately, he got hit by a car and was left on the sidewalk for a few days, until an amazing woman took him to a shelter to get the medical and physical care he needs. An amazing couple came into the shelter and adopted Biscuit, finally giving him the wonderful life he deserves.

"دايما بيقولوا عالقطط اننا كائنات كسلانة معرفش ليه، مع إن ده عكس الواقع تماما.. خدني كمثال؛ أنا عندي ليستة من الحاجات…

Posted by The Secret Life of Egyptian Street Animals on Friday, November 15, 2019

Fattfouta is literally the cutest and most playful cat on Earth! She was rescued by Doaa Tarek and adopted by Doaa Sallam. Her hobbies are sleeping all day long, eating, scaring pigeons and jumping on almost everything and everyone!

"اللي محدش يعرفه ان احنا كمان كحيوانات ممكن نكتئب، ايوه اه عادي بيجيلنا اكتئاب زيكم. بس انتم مثلا ممكن تروحوا لدكاترة،…

Posted by The Secret Life of Egyptian Street Animals on Saturday, November 9, 2019

Teenie is a Baladi dog who was adopted by Farah Serry. Teenie used to live on the streets when one day a lovely family decided to adopt him, but unfortunately, they couldn’t keep him anymore, so that’s when Farah stepped in and took Teenie to be part of her life!

"ابوس ايدك خرجني من هنا، القطط دي مستعبداني، لازم افضل انظفهم والحس فيهم يإما بيضربوني.. ومره اخدت لعبة بتاعة قطة هنا…

Posted by The Secret Life of Egyptian Street Animals on Thursday, November 7, 2019

This little cutie is Dave, a Balady dog who got rescued by Safe Haven Egypt, and has since been adopted/enslaved by the cats at the shelter!

WE SAID THIS: Adopt don’t shop!