The Ramadan Race is in Full Swing and These Are The Most Anticipated Shows of 2020!

The 2019 Ramadan Series Race wasn’t super fierce, and many of the A-listers were absent from the competition. However, this is not the case in this year since there are an amazing number of projects that seem super promising, from the cast to trailers and settings. We’re two months away from Ramadan, but we already have a few front-runners; here are some of the most anticipated TV series that are set to compete in this year’s race.


The living legend Adel Emam makes anything he works in remarkable and so it’s no surprise that everyone is waiting to see what he has in store for Ramadan 2020. The cast includes Dalal Abdelaziz, Dalia El Beheiry, Rania Mahmoud Yassin, Mohamed El Kilany, and more.

Khaled bn Walid

Amr Youssef’s 2019 project, ‘Taye3’, was arguably one of the best series in Ramadan 2019. And he’s going even bigger for this year’s race with Khaled bn Walid!

El Nehaya

We’ve been waiting for this series since last year, as Youssef el Sherif dropped the poster right after Ramadan 2019. The poster gives the post-apocalyptic vibe that we’re all ready for.

El Fetewa

The past few years saw Yasser Galal become one of the stars of Ramadan, with many anticipating their projects. This year, he’s going to be the lead actor of El Fetewa alongside a very interesting cast. The series will feature Mai Omar, Ahmed Salah Hosny, Diab, and more!

El Brens

When it comes to views, Mohamed Ramadan has been winning Ramadan for the past few years. Thus, his 2020 project is definitely one of the most anticipated series this year. The series is written and directed by the talented Mohamed Sami, so the hopes are high.

El Ekhteyar

For the past three Ramadans, Amir Karara has been on top of his game with his major hit series, ‘Kalabsh’. And the series arguably changed the entire career of Amir Karara and pushed him to be one of the most popular Egyptian actors. This year, he’s going out of his comfort zone with a new series called ‘El Ekhteyar’, directed by Peter Mimi.

Hatta La Yateer El Dokhan

Everyone is anticipating how Mostafa Shaaban will be taking on the same role that Adel Emam portrayed back in 1984! The series will follow the same story as one of the most successful movies in the 80s, and people can’t wait to compare the new project with the classic.

Eswed Fateh

Haifa Wahbe is, by all means, one of the most popular celebrities in the Arab World. People are talking and waiting to see what she’ll offer this Ramadan. The series features Ahmed Fahmy, Regina, Sherif Salama, and more.

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