The Kut: A New Brand Bringing Minimalism to the Egyptian Fashion Scene

Most of us are stuck in the vicious cycle of “having nothing to wear” but you can always search for a better method to change your shopping strategy and minimalism can be handy in this situation.

Minimalism is one of the many forms of being a conscious consumer, it’s about living with less, and adding more value to the things you own and love. To actually follow a minimal lifestyle means adding clarity, purpose and intentionally promoting the things you value the most and removing anything that distracts you from achieving your own contentment and growth.

The Kut is a new Egyptian fashion brand that’s based on a minimalist aesthetic. With this brand, you can buy a few pieces that can help you define your own personal style, and from there you can build-up your entire wardrobe around it. Personal style is an important means of self-expression. So, instead of following every new trend that comes out, with minimalism you can perfect your own signature look and create your own style with a unique collection from The Kut. Scroll down to have a look at their new collection!

WE SAID THIS: Tell us your thoughts on minimalism down below.

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