The Epitome of Grace: Middle Eastern Modest Wear & Abaya Brands You Need To Follow

The abaya, a traditional garment worn by women in the Middle East, has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Today, modest wear brands cater to a wide range of styles, offering options that seamlessly blend tradition, modernity, and contemporary fashion. Abayas not only celebrate Middle Eastern heritage but also serve as a symbol of grace and elegance.

These beautiful, loose-fitting, floor-length garments, typically made from luxurious fabrics, exude an aura of sophistication and elegance. Modest wear brands have successfully bridged the gap between tradition and modernity, offering designs that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

These brands not only offer a diverse range of abayas, incorporating stylish cuts and unique fabrics but also celebrate the rich heritage and culture of the Middle East.


Mauzan is a luxury abaya brand renowned for its opulent designs and intricate craftsmanship. Their abayas often feature luxurious fabrics, such as silk and velvet, and are embellished with subtle embroidery. Mauzan’s designs combine traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics, resulting in abayas that are both glamorous and modest. The brand’s commitment to creating exquisite pieces has made it a favorite among women seeking high-end abayas.

Alanoud Alsalem

Alanoud Alsalem is a women’s wear label in Saudi Arabia and an influencer who has made a significant impact on the abaya fashion scene. The Brand offers abayas that are elegant, chic, and versatile. Alanoud Alsalem’s designs often feature contemporary silhouettes, and luxurious fabrics, reflecting a clean and modern aesthetic.


Illi is a well-known modest-wear brand based in the UAE. With a focus on modern designs and high-quality materials, Illi offers a wide range of abayas and outfits that cater to the fashion-forward woman. Their abayas are known for their elegant cuts, intricate detailing, and use of luxurious fabrics. Illi combines traditional elements with contemporary styles, creating designs that are both modest and trendy.

The Cap Project

The Cap Project is a unique abaya brand that focuses on style and elegance. They specialize in abayas that are edgy and fun, catering more to younger crowds. The brand’s designs often feature simple, plain abayas with contemporary prints and modern cuts, appealing to individuals who prioritize unique styles.


Abadia is a luxury contemporary women’s wear brand that focuses on creating versatile and wearable designs. Their abayas are characterized by clean lines, simple silhouettes, and functional details. Abadia aims to provide women with abayas that can effortlessly transition from day to night, catering to their diverse lifestyle needs. The brand’s commitment to practicality and modernity has earned it a reputation for producing stylish and functional abayas.


Kamin is a contemporary abaya brand that blends modern fashion trends with traditional design elements. Their abayas feature unique cuts, innovative draping, and creative embellishments, setting them apart from more traditional styles. Kamin aims to cater to fashion-conscious individuals who desire a stylish and modest wardrobe. 

Noura Sulaiman 

Noura Sulaiman is a prominent womenswear and menswear designer in Saudi Arabia known for her unique and artistic approach to fashion. Her abaya designs often incorporate innovative cuts and unexpected details, pushing the boundaries of traditional abaya design. Noura Sulaiman’s abayas are sought after by fashion enthusiasts who appreciate her avant-garde and creative take on modest fashion.


Chador is a Saudi women’s wear brand that offers a selection of abayas that embrace simplicity and modesty. Their abayas reflect a more modern, elegant style favored by many women in the Middle East. Chador’s abayas are often made from lightweight fabrics, making them comfortable to wear in various climates. The brand’s commitment to simplicity and elegance has contributed to its popularity among women seeking a classic and modest look.

Nazeeka Collections

Nazeeka Collections offers a variety of stylish abayas that reflect a fusion of traditional Middle Eastern aesthetics with global fashion influences. Their wide range of styles caters to various tastes and occasions. Their abayas often feature unique prints, earthy-toned colors, and modern cuts.

The evolution of abayas in the Middle East represents an exciting shift in the fashion landscape, highlighting the beauty and versatility of traditional garments. From fancy womenswear brands that offer luxurious and glamorous abayas to modest wear brands that embrace contemporary designs, the options are endless.

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