The Best Way to Get More Spotify Song Plays

If you have ever sat there staring at your Spotify account waiting for the play count to make some move, then you have probably felt the pains of most artists that try to gain some ground on Spotify. It is a tough market. For sure, many artists become forgotten and lost to the digital graveyard never to be seen on a single recommended list. This doesn’t have to be you. You can be different. You can proactively choose to improve your stats and grow your exposure on Spotify. If you are looking for the best way to get more Spotify plays, then you have come to the right place.

Don’t Rely on Organic Growth at First

Let’s get one thing straight up front. No one will ever recommend just waiting it out. Waiting it out for what? For how long? If you are actively marketing yourself and your playlists and you aren’t seeing a bump in numbers, it probably isn’t your fault. People want to listen to things that are familiar and recognizable. Spotify’s algorithm delivers just that. So, you need to show Spotify’s algorithm that your music is both familiar and comfortable as a similar sound to other artists that are currently being played. 

That seems complicated. Yes and no. It is complicated because no one really knows how the Spotify algorithm works except for Spotify engineers. They all sign non-disclosure documents, so it is unlikely anyone will give you a silver bullet. However, Spotify does give each artist one big tool to use to show importance and impact, the follower’s number, and play count record. These are the main influences that the artist can control. So, go ahead and do something about it. Control them. You have the tools described below.

It is All about the Followers and Plays Count

If you think about it, all a musician is an influencer. Their medium is music, and their talent is entertainment. Because of this, an influencer will be noticed by Spotify if the numbers make it hard to ignore. Check out some of your favorite artists. How many plays do their songs have? How many followers do they have? They may have pretty big numbers. You can too. Don’t underestimate the power of paid digital marketing. Followers are important because you don’t want to see a high bounce rate in your plays. This happens when people play a song but never come back again. They play only one, maybe not even all the way through, and never hit play again. Instead, you want to see consistency. Consistently new followers and consistently more plays, some by new people and some by regulars.

Think Like A Digital Marketing Expert

Thinking like a digital marketer means thinking about all of the ways you can boost your exposure through paid mediums. Each social media platform will have its own tips and tricks about proper paid digital marketing. Sure, there are free ways to improve your play counts, but these are generally useless unless you are sharing links on a platform with millions of views and large audience interactions.

Instead, you need to buy Spotify streams, buy Spotify plays, and buy Spotify followers. Yes, you heard me correctly. You can actually buy Spotify plays. You can buy media exposure everywhere else. You can definitely pay someone to listen to your song. There is nothing wrong with that. Buying Spotify streams is akin to all of the other common paid digital marketing strategies because it uses targeted audience types to build a solid listening profile for your sound.

Diversify Your Types of Plays

Spotify has free members and premium members. The premium members have paid for their membership. This means that any royalties are higher with paid members than with free members. Plays and streams from premium members are more valuable because they offer a higher royalty. By buying Spotify streams you boost your play count numbers and show Spotify that your music is worthy of being pushed into the recommended sections. 

By buying Spotify plays you can increase your exposure and start to grow an organic following naturally. You can even schedule out your play count bumps on a monthly basis. This is significant because it will show Spotify that your listeners are coming back often to hear the same songs, instead of just listening once and never returning. You want to show that certain listeners are engaging with your sound. 

So, invest in competitive paid digital marketing by growing your listening audience overnight. If you don’t push this bump in numbers count now you may never get there just waiting. Don’t get left behind. Instead, proactively go after those numbers.

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