That Hair Tho; the Dubai-Based Hair Salon Giving Away Free Haircuts to Out-of-Work Residents

Regardless of where you live, or what your job is, it’s unlikely that you haven’t suffered in some way or the other, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there were people who got affected more than others; losing jobs, jobhunting, having to leave their country of residence, and relocating to new places.

Specifically in Dubai, due to companies downsizing, many expatriates were made redundant, while others were forced to go back to their home countries, in search for new jobs and secure lifestyles.

To give back to the community, and especially those struggling, THT – That Hair Tho salon in Dubai is offering ladies who have lost their jobs, or those hopping from one job interview to another, a complimentary haircut, hair wash and blow-dry, throughout September and October.

Located in JLT, this vegan-friendly hair salon only requires you to book an appointment on +97145896670, show evidence of your situation, and guess what, your little mental boost is ready!

While good hair won’t solve all your problems, and will probably not help you land a good job, it will definitely make you feel better, boost your morale, and maybe give you a break from constantly worrying about your current situation. So reach out to THT and book your appointment now, we all deserve soma pampering every once in a while!

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