SHEI; A Must-Watch Film About Rape by Nada Nassar

It’s quite rare to see a project or film in the entertainment industry discussing rape and sexual assault; the topic is stigmatized, and many shy away from even talking about it.

Nada Nassar is the creative director behind an unscripted film called “SHEI”, with the help of the life coach, Rehab Fayed. The video, which tells the story of a girl called Ana Kopitar, aims to “inspire people to share their stories, to reflect on past trauma, to be more aware, and to soul search”.

“It was such an interesting story, not only about rape. She has a twin sister, she was adopted, a heroin addict…there was depth to the story,” said Nassar. “With all the traumatic experience, she has a level of awareness that not many have,” added Nassar.

In cases of trauma and physical assault, many people choose to stay in denial or feel ashamed to speak up. Through this project, Nassar wanted to show how people can rise above their trauma, and still live their lives despite everything.

WE SAID THIS: Watch the film here!