Scoop Empire Ramadan Readers’ Choice Awards

Since Ramadan is almost over, our team finally decided to reveal to you our Ramadan’s Readers’ Choice Awards. Just like last year during Christmas, when we gave our readers the chance to decide who was their favorite actor, actress, and tv commercial, so this Ramadan we decided to carry on that tradition!

This time the competition wasn’t easy. We assigned you, the readers, to be the judges and at last, here is a list of the best of the best in the following categories as chosen by you. So, keep scrolling and find out who are our final winners of this Ramadan’s Scoop Empire Readers’ Choice Awards.

Best Actor goes to Mohamed Mamdouh

Best Actress goes to Dina El-Sherbiny

Best AD goes to 500-500 National Cancer Institute

Best AD-Song goes to 500-500, sung by Mohamed Hamaki

Best Comedy Series goes to Badal El Hadoota Talata

Best Dessert goes to Kounafa Nutella by NOLA Cupcakes

Best Drama Series goes to Zai El-Shams

Best Series Song goes to Hekayty, sung by Carmen Suleiman

Best Show goes to Ramez Fil Shalal

Best Tent goes to El-Hara Ramadan Tent

WE SAID THIS: Can’t wait to see your picks next Christmas.