Say Bye Bye To Acne With This Skincare Routine

Having a good acne skincare routine not only helps keep breakouts away but also improves your overall skin health. The routine is crucial if you have acne-prone skin. Your skincare routine should essentially focus on removing excess oil and keeping skin pores clear. This process helps heal skin blemishes, dark spots, and other issues you may be dealing with. 

A basic skincare routine involves cleansing and moisturizing. However, if you use make-up regularly, it’s vital to use effective cleansers and make-up removers to ensure your skin stays healthy. Products like the Bioderma Sebium can cleanse your skin and help rebuild the skin’s hydrolipidic film. 

So Why Do Both Teens & Adults Need A Full Skincare Rountine?

While teenagers’ skin is still elastic and resilient, the frequency of skin renewal goes down significantly during this transitional age. Additionally, the hormonal changes teenagers undergo can trigger several skin-related issues. As you enter adulthood, collagen production decreases significantly.

This could result in clogged pores and acne breakouts. Furthermore, the build-up of oil and remnants of make-up within your skin cells could result in clogged pores. Hence, it’s best to start healthy skincare habits during your teens when your body is undergoing dramatic changes.

High-quality products like the Bioderma Sebium can do wonders for your skin health and prevent the build-up of oil, make-up remnants, and dirt in skin cells and pores.

Let’s Get Into The Acne Skincare Rountine…

A good skincare routine can prevent issues like premature skin ageing. However, aspects like skincare techniques and motions can play a huge role. The quality and efficacy of the skincare products you use are other essential points. Since your skin will directly absorb these products, it’s essential to buy from trusted suppliers who do stringent quality testing before releasing the product into the market.

Avoid Using Soap On Your Face!

Soap is alkaline-based and can irritate your pores and cause skin drying. Traditional soaps have very high pH levels. They can also damage your skin cells and cause cell and tissue damage. 

Furthermore, using soap can mess with the skin’s pH balance and acid mantle, and this can cause your acne issue to worsen. Your skin’s acid mantle is a protective layer that helps maintain your skin health. Hence, it’s essential to use gentle face wash or cleansers on your face. 

Make-up Removal & Cleansing

It is essential to use a gentle skin cleanser to cleanse your skin. To put this into effect, you will have to accurately understand your skin type and skin health condition. Use a make-up remover and cleanser that suits your skin type. 

If you have oily skin, you may want to choose a skincare product that can remove excess oil without triggering skin dehydration. Teenagers and adults should also make it a point to rub gently and not scrub harshly when using a make-up cleanser. Experts recommend using gentle circular motions to ensure the product reaches all areas of your face. 

Moisturize Your Skin

Once you finish cleansing your skin, move on to moisturizers. Moisturizing can reduce skin problems and prevent drying. Additionally, moisturizing can also remove excess oil from your skin. Extreme oiliness and dryness can enhance your chances of developing acne. 

Regular moisturizing can help prevent these conditions. High-quality moisturizers improve skin hydration levels, provide water to the skin from their water phase, and minimize trans-epidermal water loss. 

They can soothe the skin’s protective layer and keep your skin healthy and plump. Moisturizers can also cover small skin fissures and keep oil glands healthy. In fact, dermatology experts believe that moisturizing is the most crucial part of a complete skincare routine!

Exfoliating Skin

Exfoliation is a significant step in skincare routines. The process removes dead skin cells, layers, and other impurities from your skin. Exfoliation agents are typically granular, chemical substances that use gentle friction to cleanse your skin. 

Choose an exfoliation gel or solution that is specifically designed for your skin type and tone. For instance, if you have sensitive or sagging skin, you may need a more powerful solution. You will also have to exfoliate more frequently. It’s recommended you use an exfoliating brush for the best results. 

Use Sun Protection

Broad-spectrum sunscreens help keep skin pigmentation at bay. Harmful UV rays can cause severe damage to your skin cells and tissues. So it’s best to go for a sunscreen that offers UVA and UVB coverage. Dermatologists recommend using sunscreen even in winter because snow can reflect up to 80% of sunlight.

WE SAID THIS: If you are dealing with severe and frequent acne breakouts, then it’s essential to consult a dermatologist or skin specialist before adopting a full acne skincare routine.