Salma Abu Deif, Asmaa Galal, and Mariam El Khosht’s Stories are the Funniest Thing on Social Media Today!

As we’re heading full-steam into the Coronavirus outbreak, people are urged all around the world to stay at home to avoid the spread of the virus. Businesses are starting to work from home, events and flights are being canceled, musicians are performing live on social media, and many things are taking place that affect our lifestyle.

Since everyone is bored at home, we’ve started to see celebrities, influencers, and social media icons create funny and cool content to entertain themselves and their fans during the quarantine. Three young actresses posted a series of hilarious stories on Instagram that you definitely need to check out! Watch Salma Abu Deif, Asmaa Galal, and Mariam El Khosht for some great laughs!

The series of stories of them going back and forth making fun of each other could be hands down the funniest thing you’ll see today. The characters of Salma and Asmaa are questioning whether or not Mariam’s character went to a plastic surgeon while she claims to be only visiting to raise awareness on the alternatives.

WE SAID THIS: The quarantine will bring out some funny social media content for sure!