13 Underrated Things About Having Kids

While there will always be hundreds of valid reasons not to have kids, there are quite a few overlooked aspects of having kids that even the most kid-phobic people can’t deny.

My friends are either having babies or expecting ones soon and it’s overwhelming and exciting and scary as hell knowing that a 23-year-old as I am will be responsible for a tiny human life.

Yet when I give it further thought, while I am not anticipating having any kids of my own soon, I can think of plenty of reasons why it will be fun being a parent.



1. Children are very easily amused!


amused child



2. You get to choose THEIR names





3. They always have a surprise for you




4. They say things like this!




5. They always think you’re the most beautiful person on the planet


Even on a bad hair day or without your makeup!



6. You have an in-door hairstylist for all occasions




7. A baby’s laughter is contagious 




8. They have their priorities set straight




9. Do fish sleep? Why is the sky blue? Where do babies come from?




10. Family selfies are more fun now!




11. You get to see this proud look in your partner’s eyes everyday


Proud Father



12. You walk into stuff like this in YOUR OWN HOUSE




13. You will receive gifts that will melt your heart


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