Pink is the New Red: Here are 6 Makeup Inspos for This Valentine’s Day

It’s the month of Valentine’s Day! It’s right around the corner and all lovers are on their toes. The ones with no date for Valentine’s are looking for one, and the ones who have one are getting ready. Aside from setting up the perfect date plans, and finding the outfit, there’s something that all of you ladies might have forgotten about: the makeup look.

Makeup makes women feel powerful and glammed. It adds the final touch to the perfect dress or the coolest outfit. There’s no need to stick to the red lipstick and the red eyeshadow anymore; those are over. Now, it’s time to embrace your pink. Go crazy and try new looks this Valentine’s Day like there’s no tomorrow. We got for you six makeup artists to give you the makeup inspirations you need for Valentine’s Day.

Divya Premchand

Premchand is an influencer and media specialist living in Dubai, UAE. Her social media handle name is @divsglam. She created a strawberry-inspired look and it’s everything we need this Valentine’s day. Check out her transition video.

Malak Shalaby

Malak is an online content creator. Her videos and pictures are all about glamorous makeup looks. Yet again, another makeup artist gives us the pink look, and it’s a must-try if you have a date on Feb. 14. Shalaby is also funny! Check out that video.

Anna Khan

The beauty and fashion blogger and content creator, Anna Khan is based in Dubai, UAE. She serves looks on Instagram and Tiktok. Her full-on pink outfit and makeup look are specifically made for this Valentine’s day.

Doha Salama

Doha Salama is a professional makeup artist. On her social media (@makeupbydoha_) she does makeup tutorials on herself and on her clients as well! The pink makeup look that she did on the actress, Arwa Kassem gives off Valentine vibes and we’re here for it.

Nadine Hossam

The fashionista, presenter, and content creator tries wild makeup looks on herself on her social media accounts. One look that had us dropping our jaws was the smokey pink eyeshadow look. With the curly hair, the makeup looks on fleek.

Nouran Tarek ELsayed

Nouran is a certified makeup artist. @with.nouran mixes it up a bit with some yellow eyeshadow and pink earrings. She gives makeup a new flavor and we’re all down to try it out, especially this Valentine’s Day!

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