Paranormal Updates: The Most Anticipated Series of 2020 Just Dropped its Official Trailer!

Via Netflix

Everyone is marking their calendar for the 5th of November as Netflix is going to launch one of the most hyped and anticipated series of 2020. The series isn’t hyped just because it’s the very first Egyptian Netflix Original Series, but also because it’s based on the best-selling thriller novel series with the same name by the late Ahmed Khaled Tawfik. Netflix just released the official trailer and poster for the much-anticipated series, and they couldn’t get any better than this!

The series will be released in 190 countries around the world and available in over 32 languages. It will also be dubbed in 9 different languages including English, Spanish, French, Turkish, and German. “Paranormal” will also be the first Egyptian Original show that will have audio and written descriptions for disabled individuals. 

The series will follow Refaat Ismail’s journey of doubt in a series of six episodes, each centered around one of the famous urban legends in the “Paranormal” books. Every episode is a standalone story, but all are interconnected through one common, a recurring element in the first season: The Khadrawy House. 

Paranormal stars Ahmed Amin, Razane Jammal, Ayah Samaha, and Samaa Ibrahem. It’s created by Amr Salama and directed by Amr Salama & Majid Alansari. Check out our one-on-one with Amr Salama by clicking here, and stay tuned for our interviews with the cast of the series.

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