This Nasr City Restaurant Just Took #CheesePorn to the Next Level

As a cheese aficionado, my Facebook timeline and Instagram feed are naturally filled with #cheeseporn. My friends always tag me in the newest viral cheese videos that will make most of you scream “CHEESUS CHRIST!”


From a restaurant in New York that melts cheese over everything, to Buzzfeed videos cooking extraordinary mac and cheese; I’ve seen it all, and it’s never too much for me.


Via Facebook


What saddens me is the fact that most of these viral cheese items that I see online are out of my reach. However, as I was scrolling my timeline, I stumbled upon this sexy video below…and it’s everything!



The video of this huge burger and fries getting flooded by melting cheese have literally melted all my feelings! What made my heart sing is that the restaurant was actually in Nasr City, Egypt.


Via Facebook


The sandwich is called Melting Volcano Burger, but when I stalked the bejesus out of their page, I found out that it isn’t the only sandwich on my bucket list! Look at that crispy chicken sandwich below! The badass restaurant is called Daddy’s Burger and it’s near Citystars.


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WE SAID THIS: God bless melted cheese!