Narcy Explores Time and Space as He Joins Forces With Lebanon’s Mashrou’ Leila and Yasmine Hamdan

Via Narcy

Iraqi-Canadian Rapper, Yassin Al Salman, also known as Narcy, recently dropped his latest music video with Lebanese indie band, Mashrou’ Leila. The song, ‘Time’, doesn’t just have strong moving lyrics and a catchy rhythm, but also the music video itself is extremely visually appealing.

The choice of location, the angles, and the color palette rich in earthy tones throughout the whole music video makes the watching experience truly enjoyable; the aesthetics are just out of this world!

Throughout the video it was quite obvious that Narcy was dropping hidden messages. For starters, the Montréal-based rapper was wearing a custom-made jacket with “Space Time” written on its back. Additionally, some shots, from what seems like another video, were inserted at the end. “I just wanna go to space, I just need a little space, I just wanna live in space, I might need a little space,” Narcy sang.

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself that he might be pointing fingers to another song called ‘Space’, so the jacket would make sense. Well, yes, it’s another new 9-minute long song that he’s going to drop next week. And guess who’s being featured? The one and only Yasmine Hamdan!

It’s worth mentioning that Narcy dedicated the song to his late grandfather’s soul. However, this was not the only soul the rapper honored. In case you haven’t noticed, a photo of late Nawaf Al Refaie, Narcy’s lifelong friend and Sandhill’s brother, appeared for a split second too. Sandhill is the brains behind Narcy’s music and collaborated with Mashrou’ Leila to come up with the music for this one.

WE SAID THIS: Seems like Narcy’s about to drop bombs on the Arab music industry.