Nabil Essa: The Fashion Blogger Every Arab Needs to Know



Fashion bloggers. Oh wait, I meant lifestyle bloggers. Or is it influencers? It doesn’t really matter because none of these bloggers I’m referring to actually know the difference of any of the things I’ve just mentioned. Over the last two years, the Arab world has been bombarded left and right with these so called “bloggers” that actually think they know anything about blogging. Darling, if all you do is dress up then go to openings of new restaurants and pose in front of a wall for a picture then post it on Instagram with a Lana Del Rey lyric, I’m very, very sorry but that doesn’t make you jackshit.



Anyways, I’m not wasting another second on these people, what I’m actually going to do is shed some light on an actual blogger. Wannabee-bloggers, please take note! In a sea full of “influencers,” it was a blessing to stumble upon fashion blogger, Nabil Essa. A friend of a friend shared one of his videos on Facebook where Essa was seen in the video helping guys how to properly trim their beards and look fab AF at the same time. I was fascinated, but mostly intrigued and wanted to know more about Essa, as this sort of actual blogging in the Arab world is rare, especially among men. After a day of hunting him down in the Internetverse, we talked, talked and talked.



“I’m originally from Syria. I grew up there most of my life where I studied Business and Economics. I then studied Fashion Design afterwards and graduated in 2010 with an honor degree. Following my graduation, I started my own TV show in 2011 which was about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and new trends. I also taught Fashion Design in the Arab International University at the same time,” Essa tells me. Five years later and the fashion monster has moved all the way from Syria to Paris, “I moved to Europe three years ago. I’ve always wanted to start my YouTube channel to show people all the tips and hacks that I know. A few months ago, I started filming by myself, as well as editing, and the results have been amazing.”



What people sadly but desperately need to know is that not anyone can be a blogger, especially a fashion one. “What qualifies anyone to be a blogger is that the person needs to know exactly what they’re doing, because people will trust what you have to say. Always give the right information. In a world full of copies, you need to have your own signature. My personal advice is to do what you love to do, believe in it and fight for it,” Essa explains.



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