Mycelium: The Egyptian Startup Using Fungi to Create Sustainable Building Materials and Products

One of the most important keywords of the future is sustainability. The innovation and creativity of entrepreneurs are needed most at starting businesses that add value to the market while being sustainable and environmentally friendly. The start-up we’re highlighting today is doing exactly that! Mycelium is a biotechnological startup that uses fungi to create sustainable building materials and products.

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The startup uses the ability of the fungi to transfer plant wastes to a new substance that can be used in many applications as an alternative to plastic. They have several products that you can check out on their website or Facebook page, including soundproof building blocks and planting pots.

You can also check out videos of the entire process; it’s not only appealing and satisfying to watch but also very interesting and exciting. This new technology is good for both humans and the environment, and it would be interesting to see what other products they can create using this technology. The substance is strong, 100% natural, has an appealing touch, and is fire-resisting.

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