Musicians’ Syndicate Bans Sharnouby From Singing Until Resolving Conflict With Ex-Fiancé​/ Manager Sarah El Tabakh

Via Egypt Today

One of the topics that has been going on for a while is the issues between Actor and Singer Mohamed El Sharnouby and Founder of Earth Production Sarah El Tabakh. Several sources have recently announced that the Musicians’ Syndicate banned Sharnouby from singing till his conflict with Sarah El Tabakh is resolved.

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Mohamed El Sharnouby was being managed by Sarah’s company, Earth Production, and both the artist and the manager were engaged at the time. After they broke up, problems started to arise, and they were no longer able to work together. However, the contract is still legally binding with huge penalty fees for the one who breaches it.

According to the sources, the syndicate viewed the complaints of Sara El Tabakh who said that Sharnouby is breaching the contract and does not get back to her before singing in a concert or appearing on a tv show. The syndicated is now banning Sharnouby until he solves the issue with Sarah whether in a friendly or legal manner.

WE SAID THIS: Hopefully, things will get resolved soon!

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