Mona Zaki & Aziz Maraka Take The Stage At Teatro Arkan Tonight

Starting from 8 pm, guests are in for a treat as they will be able to attend a live interview between Mona Zaki and Mahmoud Saad followed by a special performance by Aziz Maraka. Under the guise of Sold Out Entertainment, the entire show will take place at Teatro Arkan tonight. Following Zaki’s interview, Maraka will take the stage and be joined by new upcoming talent during an intimate music performance. He will also be joined by Egyptian band Fabrica as part of a special collaboration.

These Sold Out Entertainment shows produced by Fekr Productions and Trend Media Services take place in the city’s most beautiful theatres with each show comprising three unique sets: a comedy show, a music performance and a celebrity interview. The music performances are very unique, set up in a special format and this evening will be no exception.

So far, Sold Out created four shows that included the likes of Amir Eid, Hesham Abbas, Akram Hosny and many more. To create a more inclusive experience, beyond the live performances, viewers can also catch any of Sold Out’s shows on Watch It.

Next up, this Saturday, Medhat Salah will be the guest of honor in the upcoming Sold Out Entertainemnt show at Teatro Arkan where we will see the star get interviewed by Mahmoud Saad followed by a special performance by Salah himself. To learn more about the shows and book tickets, you can head to Tazkarti‘s official page.

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