Mommy Diaries: 7 Tips to Boost Your Energy


Growing older has never really bothered me. Growing wider was what kept me up at night. We see so many beautiful and successful women out there who are decades past 30. I don’t really dread it, I guess I’ve always felt that I’d thrive in my 30s. Maybe that’s when I’ll outgrow my awkward phase?

Women and mamas alike need to embrace this growth with an open heart and their arms wide open. Do it for your girls! I want my girls to look at me and always see strength and grace. Not a sickly, depressed old woman.

But how? How does one keep their energy up and going when they’re running after kids, caring for a Superdad and Princess Coco Dot, working and and and?

I’ve compiled a list of a few things that definitely help.

Now take a deep breath:

1. Apples. Really its as simple as that. I can’t even begin to tell you all the benefits eating an apple can do for you! It’s actually been proven that an apple does more to wake you up and feel refreshed than coffee does! Low in calories, delicious, handy on the go too!

2. Coffee. I know I know… I just said apples are better than coffee. And they are. But sometimes the only thing you need is a cup of joe. Scientists have also found cancer fighting elements in coffee. I don’t think I’d ever recommend a peppermint white chocolate mocha frappe with whipped cream, but a good cappuccino here and there might just do the trick.

3. Naps. Yes I know you’re not a toddler, but sometimes when you begin to feel like you’re about to throw a nasty tantrum, you’re just tired. Siesta is the way to go. Now a lot of things come into play here about when during your day you should nap along with how long one should nap. But sometimes that’s just all you need.

4. A well balanced diet. As good as your pizza tastes, that’s not what your body needs. Okay, well maybe just a slice. But your body needs lots and lots of greens and a bunch of other things we keep out. I know that when time is tight and your patience is running thin, the easiest thing to do is to pick up the phone and order something – but try not to. Stack your freezer with lean cuts of meat, chicken and seafood that you can just nuke in the microwave and throw in the oven. When you go grocery shopping,  buy enough salad and veggies to last you til your next trip. I like to wash my salad and divide them into single serving bags that I keep in the fridge. That way, whenever I’m hungry, I have no excuse to pig out*.

5. BABYSITTER. You must must must must have some form of nanny/ babysitter/ grandparent that is willing to take your monsters off you for at least a few hours. Not just when you’re going out in the evening but for the times that you just want to sit on your couch. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help because you just want to get a manicure!

6. Abuse your spouse. Men aren’t in touch with their emotions, let alone ours. They cannot read your mind. When they see you trying to get into the house with an armful of groceries, a baby and a dog jumping all over you, they still need you to ask for help. So ask for it and you probably will always receive.

7. Exercise. Whatever makes you feel better. If you’re all about yoga then go! If you’re more into high-impact, fast-paced aerobics then hit it. Just dance at home with the music blaring or at least strap your kids into their strollers and hit the pavement. You need to get your blood pumping and heart going!

I sometimes** fall into the mommy trap. I’m running around from errand to errand exhausted and cranky. I start snapping at everyone and eating everything. And then I start beating myself up over my shortcomings… then it hits me. Superdad is damn lucky to have me. I’m an awesome mom. I’m doing everything I can and that’s my best and my best is good enough for me. My extra weight is leftover love from when I carried my babies. And I’m okay with that. I’ll work on improving and I’ll take my time.  Because healthy moms are happy moms!***

Be grateful for all the love you have and make sure to take care of yourself for your loved ones!

* I still pig out.

** Always.

*** I apologize for the extra cheesiness… but it was necessary.


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