Middle East’s Prominent Figures Pass Away After Contracting the Novel Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has managed to affect 210 countries and territories around the world affecting everyone’s lives. One concerning detail about this virus is how quickly it spreads, every day thousands of cases in the Middle East are being either admitted to hospitals or announced dead. We all remember how opinions about the virus were expressed by those around us, and in just a few weeks it radically shifted; COVID-19 went from something that many were skeptical about and even found slightly humorous, to something that has caused worldwide panic. 

The virus doesn’t care if you are an architect, a businessman, a politician or a regular citizen. It deeply saddens us to announce that the virus has managed to take the lives of a number of prominent figures from our region, individuals with exceptional success, talent, and influence that touched us all and made us feel extremely proud. Scroll down for more.

Father of modern Iraqi architecture, Rifat Chadirji

The Iraqi architect Rifat Chadirji, known as the father of modern Iraqi architecture, has unfortunately passed away last week at the age of 93 in the United Kingdom after contracting coronavirus. Chadirji was a prominent architect and photographer who’s credited with designing some of Iraq’s most well-known structures, including the iconic Freedom Monument in Tahrir Square, the hub to the ongoing protests in Baghdad.

Renowned Egyptian businessman, Mansour El-Gammal

The Egyptian businessman, CEO of New Giza for Real Estate Development Mansour El-Gammal has passed away in Cairo recently after a battle with the coronavirus, his family announced. In his early 70’s, El-Gammal’s health condition had rapidly deteriorated last week and was admitted to a hospital but unfortunately, he didn’t make it.

El-Gammal was married to the Egyptian actress Laila Elwi (2007-2015), the father to author Yehia El-Gammal, and the uncle of Gamal Mubarak’s wife Khadija El-Gammal.

Former Libyan Prime Minister, Mahmoud Jibril

Mahmoud Jibril, former Libyan Prime Minister has died from coronavirus in a hospital in Cairo after spending two weeks there. Jibril served as Libya’s PM for more than seven months, from March to October of 2011, during the Libyan civil war. His supporters perceived him as a revolutionary leader and someone who could unify Libya’s warring factions.

WE SAID THIS: May their souls rest in peace.