Men’s Loungewear: What to Wear If You Work From Home

Let’s admit it, you’re not wearing a coat and tie while on your Zoom or Google meeting. You’re most probably wearing what you wore to bed like sleeveless tank top men or even a pair of casual leggings or lounge leggings or perhaps, a button-down with a tie plus a pair of your comfy boxers.

Whatever it might be, now is the time for you to look into men’s loungewear, the perfect comfy outfit while you’re still in a work-from-home setup.

Think of it this way, you won’t feel sloppy wearing what you wore to bed, and you don’t have to rush to slap on something decent when your boss asks you all to turn your cameras on. But what sets loungewear apart from your everyday casual wear for men, is a pair of lounge leggings!

Yes you heard it right, men wearing leggings is the hottest trend, that is surely going to be your go-to men’s loungewear!

Are you hooked yet? Check out our list of men’s loungewear that will be perfect for you while you work at home!


Another great option for men’s loungewear is a pair of sweatpants. Sweatpants are comfortable and cozy, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. You can choose sweatpants made from cotton, fleece, or other materials depending on your preferences and essentially how you would want them to look or feel. 

The only downside to sweatpants is sweat. They can get a bit too warm especially if you live in more temperate places, so make sure you get your AC on while you wear a pair. Nonetheless, sweatpants would be a better choice for those who live in colder or cooler climates who have the luxury of wearing a warm cozy pair while you go on and work the whole day.


A hoodie is another great option for men’s loungewear. Hoodies are comfortable and warm, and they’re perfect for lounging around the house on a chilly day. You can choose hoodies made from cotton, fleece, or other materials depending on your preferences, but if we’re talking about loungewear it would be best to go for cotton or lighter materials. Pair your hoodie with some lounge leggings and you’re all set for the day!

Just like sweatpants, hoodies can get a bit too warm, so if you’re just staying at home where you have control of your workroom or your whole house’s temperature it would be best to wear a lighter hoodie. But if you’re in a colder climate, go for thicker and more cozy material like fleece that will keep you warm and productive throughout your workday or days.


A pair of shorts is a great choice for men’s loungewear if you want to stay cool while you’re working from home. Shorts come in a variety of styles and colors, but if we’re talking about loungewear you would want a pair of shorts that are easy and light!

Go for shorts that are made of jersey, or cotton, it will feel like you’re just wearing your favorite pair of boxers while you grind on with work! Also, no need to worry about getting warm, what you need to worry about is getting too cold with a pair of shorts especially if you’re located in the colder regions! But don’t worry, an easy fix to this is wearing a pair of casual leggings underneath and you’re all set!

T-shirts or Tank tops

There is nothing easier than throwing on a t-shirt or a tank top and you can call it a day! It’s literally stress-free and can go with most loungewear bottoms! But if we’re talking simple and cozy, go for the plain white, black, or gray t-shirts or tank tops, even active tank tops that come in a pack of three or more are a cozy work-from-home outfit.

sleeveless tank top mens are a great choice if you’re just going to sit in front of your computer the whole day with no meetings! No need to worry about wearing something sleeveless, plus the extra breeze on your arms and pits will get you working through the day like a breeze!

Yoga pants

You read that right and you’re thinking it right, men in yoga pants are a thing! Who says girls are the only ones who can enjoy the ease and delight of wearing a pair of men’s yoga leggings and going about with their day?

Yoga pants are essential for loungewear, even for men! Think of it, you have the support and compression that you would need to keep your legs from falling asleep while sitting in front of your desk, or standing, or laying on the couch while working on your laptop!

If you’re worried about your junk being too visible, wear a long top to cover your crotch area or a hoodie! But in all honesty, there’s nothing wrong with guys in leggings or men’s yoga leggings in general. If anything, they’re comfy and very much work-from-home friendly! 


And now the ultimate necessity for your work-from-home loungewear apparel, is a pair of comfy, stylish, and supportive men’s yoga leggings!

Now stay on with us here, because just like men in yoga pants, men wearing leggings may sound weird for you, but it’s as normal as you think! Or perhaps, you’re just used to people wearing them underneath their shorts, but when you’re at home, you’re free to stay as warm and comfortable as you like! It just so happens that most guys wear them for physical activity purposes and not loungewear. But who is to say that they can’t be used for loungewear? Most people use leggings for added support on their legs, tights, and groin area, as well as an added layer against the cold but you can get all of these benefits even if you’re just sitting in front of your computer or lounging on your couch! 

Men wearing leggings is the hottest trend that you need to get on! They are the perfect loungewear item that will get you from your desk to running everyday errands!

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