Live Streaming Applications Sparking Controversy In The MENA Region

Live streaming applications are taking the MENA Region by storm. Nowadays, there are virtual communities where anyone can create their own account, go live, and broaden their network. There are multiple applications that are rising and getting recognition. Millions of people enjoy scrolling through these apps, and/or actually making a living off of it.

Almost all of these platforms are offering large sums of money for their broadcasters. Just to go live and befriend whoever spends on the app! Selling virtual currencies for dollars, these companies make millions, and people are buying in exchange for all kinds of virtual privileges. This sounds a little similar to buying a premium account for YouTube or Netflix.

Here’s a list of those applications that you can start using now, be it for fun or for money!


The Chinese Company, Tiktok, started off as a short-video application and launched their live streaming function in 2019. With offices in Dubai and Egypt, Tiktok operates in the MENA Region and users create new and fun content daily whilst live streaming their daily lives. With the application being used by over 155 countries, and 800M users in 2021, TikTok is one of the world’s best-loved apps.

Bigo Live:

While Tiktok is the most famous globally, Bigo Live is the most famous within the MENA Region. With users from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and much more, this app brings its own unique universe. The Singaporean company has offices operating in Egypt and Jordan. The number of daily active users from the MENA region has reached 1.2 million. Bigo Live is known for its generous salaries for live streamers. The more diamonds (their virtual currency) is spent on a broadcaster, the more money they receive.


Since 2014, the Chinese company has grown exponentially. Just like most of the previously mentioned platforms, MICO has different activities, games, and events that you can attend online. The platform will help you in gaining popularity, help you in networking, and offers a competitive salary. They currently have an office located in Egypt. According to Tower’s data, MICO was ranked in the top three short-video/live streaming apps in the Middle East in terms of revenue in 2019.

Via Holobase.


According to Geekpark, Uplive was number four in the MENA Region in 2019. Another Chinese application that’s capturing eyes all over the world. Uplive also has an office in Egypt, and over 20 thousand signed broadcasters are making money through live streaming using this platform. Download the app now to connect to new people from all over the world!

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