Mapped: Your Ultimate Guide to Islamic Cairo’s Cultural and Historic Landmarks

There is an infinite number of fascinating spots to visit across Cairo. Most of us either hear of them, or know them, but have no idea how to get there. From historic landmarks to religious and contemporary ones, Cairo has a rich collection of cultural destinations that are definitely worth a visit. And if you’re particularly interested in Islamic heritage in Egypt, Blue Cairo is your go-to source for any information you might need, including exact locations.

Founded and run by Omar Sheira and his wife, Kis Biborka Anna, Blue Cairo is a platform that focuses on Islamic art, history, and architecture in Cairo. Blue Cairo recently launched its Islamic Cairo Map on Google, with details on the name and exact location of each place. The map features 537 cultural and historical places, including mosques, buildings, palaces, domes, houses, minarets, courtyards, and more. Created by Ahmed Al-Sahhar and translated by Omar Sheira, the map is available in both English and Arabic.

Scroll down and enjoy a short trip through some of their interesting posts till you get the chance to visit all the places they feature.

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As the Mamluk walked through the ancient land of Egypt, he found golden sands wherever he went. He saw the ancient temples—built entirely with limestone; resting upon mighty granite columns—and aspired to do the same. . He harvested the ruins of the ancients and used them to erect new houses of worship, also built with limestone. Yet the columns that once held up paganism would now glorify only One. . When the houses stood upon this strong foundation, the Mamluk melted solid gold and intricately painted the ceilings with every star he had gazed upon. . And as the years passed, the magnificence of his work only grew, for the winds would carry the desert’s gold dust to these houses of worship and lend them every shade of their color. . Mosque and Madrasa of Sultan al-Zahir Barquq (1386) . #egypt #thisisegypt #visitegypt #egyptshots #exploreegypt #experienceegypt #cairo #everydaycairo #oldcairo #travel #history #islam #islamicart #architecture #yallamisr #therawsociety #loveliveegypt #storiesofegypt #everydayeverywhere #everydayegypt #mosque #everydaysunsets #apfmagazine #thephotosociety #natgeo #natgeoyourshot #natgeotravel #lonelyplanet #travelphotography @everydayegypt @everydaymiddleeast @everydaycairo @everydayafrica @everydayeverywhere @afpphoto @natgeo @natgeotravel @seemyculture @cairoscene @cairospots @cairo360 @cairosaturdaywalks @doorsofcairo @hipaae @uniquegypt @redefineegypt @egyptshots @egyptwithlove @experienceegypt @visit.egypt_ @myegypt @livelove.egypt @unlimitedegypt

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