The Making of ‘Beirut Explosion’, an Official Venice Film Festival Nominee for Best Short Documentary

On August 4th, 2020, Lebanon‘s capital was torn to shreds by a massive explosion that literally brought the city to its knees. A devastating day that will forever leave its painful marks on all of our memories, hearts, and souls. And as the people are slowly picking up the pieces of the shattered city, it’s certainly not easy, especially for the journalists, reporters, photographers, and videographers who always thrive to immortalize such tragic events in the media so that it’s never forgotten.

One of these stories is a short documentary titled “Beirut Explosion” which was actually being filmed before August 4th with a totally different script but when the tragic twist took place, nothing was the same anymore. The documentary later took a different path altogether. Luna Safwan, a Lebanese independent journalist, was chosen to produce the documentary in Beirut for SkyNews Arabia’s show called “The Story”. It was really challenging given the sudden change of circumstances, “The explosions changed everything and within a few days we had to arrange interviews and shoot in Beirut as people were trying to pick up pieces of their homes,” Luna told reports.

But all of their hard work eventually paid off, as the documentary is now officially nominated at the Venice Film Festival for the Best Short Documentary Award and we’re extremely excited about the big news.

Make sure to watch the documentary above and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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