Lux Gives a Beautiful Salute to COVID-19 Front-Liners in This Moving Collaboration With Yasmine Sabry

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is changing our lives in every possible sense. And while most people are asked to stay at home, keep their distances, cover their faces, and sanitize everything, others are risking their lives in order to keep us safe and fight the pandemic. In these uncertain times, Lux launched a heartwarming campaign that aims to thank the front-liners who are doing their absolute best to keep us safe, the Lux way!

Lux believes in beauty, and that we should shed a spotlight on it! The campaign features the beauty icon, Yasmine Sabry, as she talks about the true superstars, the ones that we should be honoring in this difficult time.

Lux will always aim to inspire all the women out there to unveil their true beauty. But in such tough times, it was critical to show who the true heroes are. Their campaign did just that with the help of superstar Yasmine Sabry, who highlighted in the touching video how our front-liners are our real heroes.

WE SAID THIS: May all our true superstars stay safe!