Little Miss Lemonade: Dubai’s Youngest Entrepreneur



Growing up as kids, we all wished for things we couldn’t get. A rare Pokemon card, a Beyblade top, the Power Rangers VHS tape. Sometimes our parents got them for us, but most of the time our parents didn’t, to which we cried ourselves to sleep and did absolutely nothing about it. The same could not be said about Sadene Qaddumi, Dubai’s youngest entrepreneur.




Eight-year old Qaddumi wanted to buy a pet dog one day, to which her parents said no. Instead of crying her eyes out, she concocted a brilliant idea to raise her own money by selling freakin’ lemonade. We’ve talked to The Change Initiative – the store where Qaddumi set up her pop-up stand a few days ago – about little miss lemonade and they told us that “the very first book Qaddumi bought was a baking cookbook, because she wanted to make a traditional Victoria cake for every family occasion. And she did.”



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