Lebanon Needs You and This Is How You Can Help

Following the massive explosion that took place in the Lebanese capital of Beirut yesterday, citizens and residents began initiating fundraisers and announcing shelter locations to take in those who have been severely affected. The explosion left people displaced and caused thousands of injuries and a large number of casualties.

A website was dedicated to take in donations to the Lebanese Red Cross, the Disaster Relief Fund, in addition to blood donations to hospitals, initiatives to locate victims of the explosion, and maps for shelter locations. Lebanon Times also launched a humanitarian relief fund for the victims of the explosion. Another fund was launched by Impact Lebanon, to support the Red Cross and several NGOs.

An Instagram account was also created to locate victims of the explosion, by sharing their names or photos, in hopes that they would be found. Another Instagram account was made to share homes and bed-spaces for those who have lost their homes and have no place to stay.

There are numerous ways you can help, whether you’re in Lebanon or abroad, and this traumatic situation will only pass if we all stand together and try to lift each other up. In these tough times, community support is critical.

WE SAID THIS: We hope everyone is safe!