Introducing Palestinian Pianist Faraj Suleiman’s Oriental Jazz Blend Touring The World

Palestinian composer Faraj Suleiman known for his special blend of jazz and oriental tunes is currently on tour to promote his latest album, ‘Upright Biano’ which draws from jazz and tango influences yet remains familiar to Arab ears with Levantine and oriental melodies.

He will be regaling audiences with his sombre tunes starting this September until November, performing in Toronto, Berlin, and Paris. With his original Arab-inspired piano tunes telling stories of diaspora, love and loss, and homesickness in Europe.

Born in El Remla town in 1984, Faraj was trained in classical music with his debut Album “Login” in 1993, more albums, collaborations, and singles followed along with performing soundtracks for plays and theatrical works. The album “Love Without a Story” released in 2017 was the true start of his unique style that bridges East and West whilst imposing his personal touch and deep vocals in his original works.

Faraj’s compositions and songs have an operatic feel that remains approachable creating warm pieces that speak directly to the new generation of the Arabs that moved to the West and the things they miss from their native lands.

He has performed concerts throughout Palestine, Amman, as well as Beirut where he shot his first video this summer with a number of the venues being sold out, so if you’re in Canada or Europe be sure to book your tickets now through Eventbrite to discover a new and unique Arab artist.

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