This International Organization Just Gave Stranded Zoo Animals in Syria a Home


The war zone that is Aleppo, Syria is not only harming Syrian people, it is also harming helpless animals and wildlife in various way. Indeed, everyday a story emerges from Syria commentating on this latter form of harm. Today’s story comes from an abandoned amusement park called Magic World, that is located away from the war zone.


This amusement park had once contained been home to a zoo. Once the war started, the animals in this zoo were left caged, wounded, and vulnerable. Luckily, people living near the zoo, provided these animals with the food and water necessary for survival.



On July 21st FOUR PAWS International saved some of the former zoo’s animals: three lions, two tigers, two Asian black bears, and two hyenas were rescued by this international organization. The rescued animals have been temporarily placed in a rescue center, located in the Turkish city of Bursa.


Amir Khalil, FOUR PAWS veterinarian, stated “FOUR PAWS has very good options with its own animal sanctuaries, including those in Jordan, South Africa, and the Netherlands. We will individually decide which place is most suitable for each animal.”



Khalil went on to add that “The ever-deteriorating situation of the animals worried FOUR PAWS International. With our mission, we want to spread the message that humanity cannot be divided and that these suffering animals deserve to be heard and seen. Also, wild animals, such as bears and big cats, trapped in desolate enclosures can quickly pose a threat to humans.”





WE SAID THIS: If you would like to know more about how you can help FOUR PAWS  International click here.

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