Ikea Set to Change the Refugee Game in the Middle East


Everyday we are faced with heart wrenching images of refugees as they try to escape from their homelands in hopes for a better future and life elsewhere in another country. Everyday we wonder who is going to do something to help them or what can we do to help them.

World leading furniture brand, Ikea, has teamed up with the United Nations’ refugee agency in creating 10,000 shelters. Produced by Better Shelter, the CSR arm formed by the Ikea Foundation, the concept is to marry form, functionality and sustainability for refugees who can not afford regular housing and have been displaced by war in their homeland.

One of these Ikea shelters can last up to more than three years, in comparison to regular tents that usually last a couple months.



All the shelters will include solar panels, mosquito nets, lighting and ventilation for those occupying it. There are also, doors with locks, which is a key feature when it comes to privacy and safety as most refugee camps lack this facility.

There are currently- in Iraq alone- more than 2 million displaced refugees, creating a structure that allows the family members to stand up right as opposed to crawling and laying down will improve their standing of living, dramatically!


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