How A Show Like Euphoria Depicts Real Teen Life From The West To The East

It is rare when a show comes by and steals the attention of many like this show did, and with season two dropping today; it almost feels like everyone is waiting to see the continuation of the story. A story that seems mundane on a surface level but it’s more real life on a deeper level than almost everyone can connect with.

Euphoria season 2 streaming today!

All Euphoria fans assemble! Season two is dropping today and the anticipation couldn’t be any higher. Since the trailer dropped on the 20th of December, the entire internet lost its mind. Seemingly, the creator and all the actors are as excited as the fans, and for good reason too! The show garnered Emmy nominations and it got the lead Zendaya her first Emmy award.

The show is basically a teen drama that follows the life of Rue and her love interest Jules, in a concoction of the highly cinematic depiction of real life issues like drug abuse, sexual abuse, and suicide.

There is a running joke about how the show or HBO shows, in general, depicts real life, teens specifically.

But how much of that is true!

Realer than real

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Here’s the thing, the beauty of the show is in the artistic liberties it takes about highlighting a specific issue.

It all comes down to the mind of Samuel Levinson, the creator of the show. He takes a really unique approach visually and plotline-wise, where you can feel the emotions in the scene even though it’s visually loaded and aesthetically pleasing, which might slightly and understandably divert some viewers from the whole point. But, when it comes to real life, why is it that many viewers have an issue with how “unrealistic” it is?

Simply put, poetic license is a must for breathtaking artwork. But no matter how much of a reach the image is, the topic itself is still very realistic and needs to be discussed and put out there in the world in whatever media form there is.

It is as world wide as the show

The last argument might be valid internationally, for the USA, the hometown of the show, after all the whole show takes place in plain old American suburbia. However, it is still a valid show to represent real-life issues for teens worldwide.

Regionally proven by the recent news in Egypt, whether it’s recent pedophilia accusations to a big business mogul, or the young girl suicide incident because of blackmail from her male peers. Euphoria embodies cruel, harsh, unforgiving real-life ridden with despicable human behaviors and decisions wherever you are, US or the Middle East.

It’s worth mentioning that the show begs the question of forgiveness, and to what extent are we able to find forgiveness in ourselves, and to what wrongdoings exactly!

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