High School Students in Cairo Need to Check Out iSpark’s Third Annual Summit, Traverse!

Via iSpark

Career Development Services Company, iSpark, is holding its third annual summit for high school students on the 12th and 13th of October. The summit will take place at the Greek Campus in Downtown Cairo, under the name ‘Traverse’. The word Traverse means to travel across or through the unknown, and this is exactly what the event is aiming for. To help high school students explore different parallel education opportunities that will help them develop their skills, build their characters, and excel at their careers.

Via iSpark

The event is helping high school students’ network and to get exposed to different opportunities and facilities, engage in different fun activities during the day, get inspired through talks, panel discussions and success stories by a variety of speakers, as well as enjoying entertaining performances.

‘Traverse’ is providing students this year with a wide platform of five local and around 14 international universities as well as 25 student activities provided by NGOs, and over 60 companies. In addition to a big variety of inspirational talks by influential speakers in Egypt and young entrepreneurs, such as Ahmed El Ghandour -El Da7ee7-, Ahmed Dash, Nesma Mahgoub, Islam Abu Ali, Doodle factory, Otlob, and Wuzzuf, as well as performances by young talents.

Via iSpark

“Traverse is a day that can change your entire life, Looking back we never had a chance to explore different careers and opportunities for our future, which led us to making many wrong choices. This is what traverse is for, for students to make the most possible right choices regarding their careers and personal development” stated Co-founder and COO of iSpark, Ahmed El Rosy

“What’s different this year about Traverse is we introduced workshops, mentorship sessions, exchange opportunities, to bring any student out of his bubble,” stated Co-founder and CEO of iSpark, Mostafa Hashisha.

WE SAID THIS: Students can register by clicking here

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