Here’s How This Egyptian Woman Changed Her life, in A Male Dominated World, To Make Ends Meet!

We’ve been hearing a lot of survival stories recently, from men that had to give up everything for the sake of their families, and women doing just the same. But as we were scrolling down our Facebook feed, we came across this video that definitely gave us goosebumps.

Imagine yourself having to change your identity to be able to survive, changing everything even down to the way you talk, walk, and even the way you look. This woman that you’re about to watch had to do all that and she doesn’t like it. She even had to sell her kidney just to be able to make ends meet and feed her family.

قصة بهية بائعة كلْيتها

“عايزة أرجع واحدة ست تاني”.. لماذا تخلت بهية عن أنوثتها؟

Posted by ‎عربي +AJ‎ on Friday, June 22, 2018

There are a lot of stories like this one that is happening around you, and you probably never notice them and we always feel like it’s an obligation to get their stories out there, maybe just for the mere fact that you should thank God for your life.

WE SAID THIS: Baheya, you’re an inspiration and our hearts and prayers go out to you.