“Have You Seen My Husband”: Facebook Group Aiming to Reduce Infidelity Results in Wrecked Marriages Instead

‘7ad shaf gozy’, which literally translates to ‘Has anyone seen my husband?’, is a Facebook group that has not only been trending, but also causing lots of debate on social media.

The group was created three weeks ago, with its “About” section stating that it aims to “reduce the rate of infidelity in Egypt”. In the group, women who suspect that their partner is cheating on them would post their pictures. Then, other women would reply in the comments, declaring whether they know him or not, and from there, the latter would know if her spouse is cheating on her.

While some saw the group admins as eye-openers, others saw them as home-wreckers.

Maybe the aim of the group was brave because it touched upon a subject that is very sensitive, however, the group itself, which now has over 178k members, was probably not an ideal solution.

According to Rasha Abdelsalam, an Egyptian woman who joined the group as an admin for only 24 hours, the group started automatically accepting people when the requests reached over 10,000 members, leading to chaos because even men started joining the group and seeing the posts. Abdelsalam heavily criticized the group and explained how it caused a lot of damage to Egyptian homes in a television interview for ON Drama.

If there is something that this group has achieved, it is that it has shed light on the fact that there are thousands of Egyptian homes that are on the verge of break-down.

We said this: What do you think of such groups?

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