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I can write my assignment myself now! Where is the tutorial?

Your future report’s exact format must be conveyed to you by a tutor before you start working on it. If some of the instructions are not clear to you, let the tutor know without a shadow of a doubt. Don’t even think for a moment that they might get angry at you.

The purpose of the whole affair of writing a assignment is to document a certain empirical experiment: what was the goal of it, what was learned, the conclusions, et cetera. Of course, such a definition is general to the extreme, and thus we are going to dive into the details right away.

Here are some reasons to double-check the requirements before you start:

  • In case of a small report, some of the parts may not be required, for example, an Abstract and Introduction.
  • The excessive use of passive voice may be unacceptable in your institution’s case, so find it ours.
  • Your report must include relevant theory and references but avoid including redundant information.

Sample assignment structure

Every discipline has its conventions that might (or might not) be based on one of the most common academic styles, like MLA or APA. For example, your psychology assignment is certainly going to be based on APA.

It also must be pointed out that logbook notes are done immediately during an experiment do not count as a assignment (although they certainly are going to be used in the latter).

Make it appealing for your professor

Although such advice may seem unimportant, the professor’s sympathy is a number one factor that defines whether you will get a top grade even if you, in fact, deserve B. It works the other way, too: when all the formalities and formats were observed. An experiment was exhaustively described, you still got B+ instead of A. Why is that?

If the professor asks to elaborate on a certain point in your assignment, do not argue, pay close attention, and do it the right way. It’s not the best moment to defend your dignity.

If endless amendments just drive you mad and it takes inhuman effort to get back to that paper, let us do it for you. We will do it with pleasure for sure.

Keep the general rules in mind

Every piece of academic writing should be fact-based, unbiased, and detached when it touches upon phenomena and people. One example of bad writing is the so-called ad hominem attack: the discussion of researchers’ traits or research subjects rather than facts, ideas, and statistical data. The inappropriate use of gender pronouns will also be noticed and might badly impact your final grade.

It is pointless to discuss an assignment structure in detail exactly because the latter depends on your institution and professor’s concrete requirements. For example, a science assignment will likely include the following sections: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results and Analysis, Discussion, Conclusion, References, and Appendices.

Some style suggestions

First and foremost, meet the expectations of your professor. If the indisputable truth is that your assignment must not look like poetry, but your professor prefers it exactly the other way, you have some grave reasons to please their taste.

Bland fact-based writing with concrete logical substantiation is good, but making the assignment truly shine appeals to the reader’s feelings. Spice the writing up with a spark of emotion. True science is always driven by the desire to make a positive change in the world and to improve people’s lives, right? The motivation for given research matters. Thus, it must be outlined in the Introduction section. It is okay if the motivation for the experiment is mere curiosity and the desire to learn.

Too complicated. Could you write a custom assignment for me?

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