Haifa Wehbe’s Sister Attempts to Break into the Arab Music Industry


The Lebanese music industry is very competitive. We have a new Lebanese star every single day 3anjad, but this new star is quite special. This new star is attempting to shine as bright as her sister. A little sibling rivalry never hurt anyone, right? We give you Rola Yammout, the maternal half-sister of Arab diva Haifa Wehbe who erupted out onto the web with her first ever music video, Ana Rola.”



Of course, Yammout is following in the steps of her older sister who once introduced herself to the world with Ana Haifa.”



According to AlBawaba, the two sisters have always had feuds and once publicly disowned one another, with Yammout saying, things such as, “I won’t let anyone call me her sister.”



WE SAID THIS: All we’re gonna say is that we wish Yammout the best of luck in her music career, and we hope the two of them make up again.